Why Play US College Soccer?

Elite Level Sport, Incredible Facilities

Elite Level Sport, Incredible Facilities:

American university sport is well-funded, enjoys a national following and generates billions of dollars in TV revenue, ticket sales and retail income each year. Top athletes attending the leading universities will be household names with the very best using the college game as a platform into professional sport.

University Education:

A university degree has a direct impact on a person’s quality of life. A 2013 report by The College Board shows that the median lifetime earnings of bachelor’s degree recipients are 65 percent higher than those of high school graduates.

Academic Success:

Student-athletes are graduating at rates that are higher than ever. Nearly 15,000 student-athletes have returned to campuses to complete their degrees in the past decade after finishing their athletics eligibility.


More than 150,000 college athletes receive $2.9 billion in athletics scholarships each year from NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA member colleges and universities.

Elite Training Opportunities:

Of the top-10 biggest sporting arenas on the planet, nine of them can be found on US college campuses.  Student-athletes have regular access to world-class coaching, facilities and equipment. These resources are akin to those at the highest levels in professional sport and typically cost Olympic athletes thousands of dollars per year.

Academic & Support Services:

College athletes receive academic support, such as state-of-the-art technology and tutoring, to help them succeed in the classroom.

Healthy Living:

Student-athletes have access to cafeteria “training tables” on campus, with NCAA Division I and II universities permitted to furnish unlimited meals. In addition, many teams hire nutritionists and dieticians to work with each student-athlete.

Medical Care:

From medical best practices to playing rules, equipment requirements and a concussion research partnership with the US Department of Defence, the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA are committed to student-athlete safety.

Exposure & Experiences:

Student-athletes have the opportunity to travel the United States and around the world for regular-season contests, NCAA championships and foreign tours. These experiences can open doors for the few who will compete professionally and for the majority who will go pro in something other than sports.

Preparation for life:

Increasingly, the business world is focusing on creating a team environment with employees. By competing in US college sports, student-athletes learn important skills such as leadership, time management and how to work with others toward a common goal.

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